Hi, I’m Juliette! I’m French and I have been living in Berlin for a year now. Big changes happened to me in 2020: I changed country and career, among many other things! After 2.5 years as Project Quality Engineer in France, it was time for me to move abroad and recenter my career to something I love! I embraced Le Wagon Web Development training in Berlin last summer. I am currently working as a Frontend Developer in React.js / Redux for 2tonnes, a French company building a serious game on carbon footprint reduction. I am also a part-time teacher assistant in Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails at Le Wagon.

I love Berlin, especially for cycling around. A fun fact is that I started road cycling because every sport clubs were closed due to Corona crisis. I did more than 3000km in 2020. Otherwise, when dance studios are open and safe, I’m a dance addict, from salsa to ballet.