“Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.”

Anyone who has walked along the East Side Gallery recently will have noticed this quote, and how it applies well to our action against climate change. I am not telling you anything new when I say that the changes will not come from upper spheres. Or from someone else than you. It is the citizen who is the driving force behind climate action. And I think we need to use this superpower. It is great to take action for a valuable cause and it makes sense in our lives. Nowadays in European countries, we will not make a revolution by taking over the government, but by choosing what we put on our plates! When I choose to read labels, to inform myself about the products I am offered, to understand the composition of a product, how it is produced, I stop responding passively to good taste and good industrial sugar and I take in hand what is good for my health and beyond. Indeed, by making conscientious choices about what I eat, I act not only to fight against global warming, but also against animal mistreatment and pollution.

Food is not the only habits that makes a difference in the fight against global warming, but here I want to illustrate that it is through small individual actions, and by getting those close to us to adopt the same behaviour that we can make the necessary change.

In more practical terms, what can you do to change your eating habits so that they are more environmentally friendly?

Speaking only of the regime:

  • Reduce your meat consumption, especially red meat.
  • Become flexitarian.
  • Reduce all animal products like dairies (milk, yoghurt, cheese) or eggs.
  • Become vegetarian.
  • Become vegetalian.

Other actions with impact whichever regime you follow:

  • Eat local and seasonal.
  • Eat organic.
  • Less drinks.
  • Avoid packaging on food.

To know more about what is the impact on each action on your carbon footprint, you can refer to a carbon footprint calculator with detailed values for each of your actions or even have a deeper overview of what can be your impact as a citizen if you play to the serious game 2tonnes (only sessions in French so far).