I deleted the Instagram app from my phone!

Hope you enjoyed the tip.

For real, if you don’t think that you’re wasting so much time on social media, set up a timer on all your social media apps and you’ll see! On average, I was spending 30 minutes on Instagram. I had a timer set up at around 25 or 30 minutes, but it was very easy to remove it in a few clicks in the settings. At least it was giving me a break in the scroll, which I found useful, otherwise you never stop scrolling thanks to the algorithm. But I also know people who are spending way too much time on Youtube, Twitter, TikTok (but younger folks), Instagram.

Your time is being eaten by the screen and monetized social media. For example, not such a long time ago, Instagram feed was showing only people that I follow. So it was limited to the people I follow, and easily escapable. But now, like tiktok, it shows me Reels targeted to my interest, and you just end up in a stupid loop swipping for the next video. I hate that. That’s why Instagram is no longer on my phone.

Hope you have the courage to do the same with your social media app. Always think before checking your phone: is there something I am really interested to check or see. If not, it is some passive behavior, where these apps bring so much content to you, that you eat for hours passively, and they even manage to sell you things in the process, along stealing your time….